Making a Difference for Growers

We strive to make a difference by providing independent, objective, unbiased and data-driven nutrient and pest management recommendations to grower clients.

Consulting Services for Growers

IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. offers several service to our grower clients, including pre-season production management planning, in-season scouting and monitoring services, and post-season review and analysis.

Pre-Season Production Management Planning

Having a thorough plan is essential to begin each production cycle. Our plans are comprised of three components: a Nutrient Management Plan, an Integrated Pest Management Plan, and a Profitable Production Practices Plan.

In-Season Scouting & Monitoring

We offer a range of scouting plans for cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes, cucurbits, sweet corn, snap beans and other vegetable crops. Written and timely recommendations are customized to each growers needs.

Post-Season Review & Analysis

It is important to review at the end of each season to identify the most profitable and effective practices. Yield analysis, crop imagery, scouting observations and grower impressions are used to review the season.

Dollar for Research

Dollar for Research provides grower members with locally applicable, data-driven answers to crop production challenges through research.  

Making a Difference for the Agricultural Industry

We strive to make a difference by providing industry clients with independent, objective and quality data to assist in understanding how products, ideas and concepts fit into agricultural production systems.

Contract Research

We offer a wide range of contract research services to ag industry clients, including: efficacy trials, variety trials, irrigation trials and managed demonstration plots.

Free Newsletter

Our newsletter is free to everyone, whether you are a client or not. In our newsletter, you will receive timely relevant information pertaining to field crop production in the Blacklands region of eastern North Carolina. You will receive all data from our public variety and research trials as well.