Contract Research

IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. operates its 47 acre research facility located near Pantego, North Carolina. The farm is composed of three different soil types provid- ing a good range from mineral soils of about 2% organic matter to organic soils with 20+% organic matter. Thirty acres are equipped with subsurface drip irrigation.

We work primarily on the field crops of cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat. We also have the capability to harvest snap beans mechanically. Other vegetables grow well on this farm and we have conducted research on squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and Irish potatoes.

Trial Capabilities

Efficacy Trials

We can conduct product efficacy trials for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, seed treatments, soil and foliar applied nutrients, and other types of chemicals and biologicals.

Variety Trials

We can conduct variety trials as small plots on our farm or as larger strip trials in cooperation with growers. We can conduct regulated and stewarded trials as well.

Irrigation Trials

We have 30 acres of crop land that is equipped with subsurface drip irrigation. Numerous different irrigation management zones allow for comparison trials to be conducted with and without irrigation. We can also conduct trials under sprinkler irrigation on a limited basis.

Fertigation & Chemigation Trials

We have the ability and equipment to inject fertilizer or other chemicals into established drip irrigation zones in order to conduct comparison studies.

Managed Demonstration Plots

We can set up and manage product demonstration plots that are used for field days or other educational opportunities.

Other Qualifications

  • We have a history of conducting quality research to provide valuable and reliable data for clients.
  • We have relationships with local growers that allow for trials with grower cooperators as needed.
  • We manage trial data using Agricultural Research Manager.
  • We have invested in proper equipment for field crop production as well as equipment for vegetable production.
  • We have GIS software that can utilize yield data for large scale trials and studies.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality when conducting contract research.
  • We are responsible and unbiased.

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