About Us

IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. is an agricultural consulting and research firm based in Pantego, North Carolina. IMPACT has been committed to providing independent, unbiased, data-driven crop, nutrient and pest managment recommendations to grower clients since 1984.

Research has been an important part of the business from the beginning. IMPACT maintains close relations with grower clients as well as industry clients.  These relationships provide mutual benefit for all.

Mission Statement

IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. will provide and maintain an independent, objective, and unbiased service for growers and the agricultural industry.  The services provided to the growers shall be directed to match each individual operation and their ability to implement and integrate new technology at a profit.  The services provided to the industry shall be to test and research products, ideas, and concepts and to study their effects and place in agricultural production.

Within all services IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. provides, there shall exist environmental concern.  We will promote respect, promote safe food, and work towards maintaining an economically sustainable agricultural system.  

Updated November 1999

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