Corn In-Season Monitoring Program

IMPACT Agronomics’ full season corn monitoring program is offered as a combination of two components.

EARLY SEASON (Emergence to V8 – 4 to 5 Scoutings)

  • Corn scouting will beginning at seedling emergence.  Information will be collected on seedling insects (cutworm, wireworm, rootworm, billbug, corn maggot and chinch bug) and weeds.  Written recommendations are provided according to insects and weed pressure.  
  • While scouting fields during crop establishment, we will observe if there is an adequate plant population.  We will document stand loss and determine if there are areas of the field that need replanting.  
  • Schedule areas according to planting and maturity for weed management and lay-by nitrogen applications.
  • We will continue to scout corn for insects, first generation corn borer, weeds, and crop progression until the corn reaches the eight-leaf stage.   
  • Make recommendations on the (second) weed application and any recommendations needed to control insects.
  • Our final scouting will be made at the eight-leaf stage for any escape weeds or insects.
  • We will provide a summary of all scouting reports, any agronomic problems, and pesticide applications with written recommendations.

MID TO LATE SEASON (~V10 through R2 – 3 to 5 Scoutings)

  • Begin scouting at V10 for stinkbug.  Scout Non Bt for corn borer.
  • Begin scouting prior to silking for leaf diseases including Grey leaf spot, Eyespot, Rust, Southern and Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Anthracnose, Brown Spot and other diseases.
  • Make recommendations for stinkbug control, corn borer control, and fungicide application for disease control.
  • Recommendations will be targeted at the correct growth stage of the corn plant.
  • Applications will require a follow up scouting for control.  Yield enhancement will be verified at harvest.

Additional Recommended Optional Services:

Plant Nutrient Assessment – Nutrient levels are tracked according to adequate or critical levels.  Tissue samples are pulled during good growing conditions and targeted at V4, V10, and R2.

Soil Nitrogen Samples – Nitrogen samples for NO3 and NH4 will be pulled when the corn is at the four to five leaf stage.  This will determine current soil nitrogen reserves and help establish layby nitrogen needs.

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