Cotton In-Season Monitoring Program

IMPACT Agronomics’ full season cotton monitoring program is offered as a combination of three components.

EARLY SEASON (Emergence to 5th leaf – 4 Scoutings)

How well crop establishment and growth occur define yield potential.  Monitoring crop development and providing timely recommendations will help get the crop off to a good start.  This will allow us to develop a shared awareness of crop condition.  Scouting will focus on weeds, plant population, crop establishment, weak areas, cutworms, thrips, aphids, spider mites and lygus.  

MID SEASON (6th leaf to Bloom – 7-9 Scoutings)

The focus of this component is lygus and plant growth and management with plant growth regulators (PGRs).  Crop is monitored for all insect pests, crop growth and development, square initiation and retention, and crop response to growing conditions by variety and field.  Additional weed management recommendations are made.  Strategies are developed for PGR management.   Scouting and reporting will focus on weeds, final plant stands, square retention, growth characteristics, lygus, aphids, spider mites, stinkbugs, budworm/bollworm complex and crop nutrient status.

LATE SEASON (Bloom to Maturity – 8-12 Scoutings)

This component is an extension of the mid-season monitoring and is essential for protecting the fruit, monitoring crop growth and maintaining early season efforts to manage crop growth.  Scouting and reporting will focus on PGR recommendations, plant mapping, nutrient status, boll load and insect management recommendations for lygus, stinkbug, spider mites, aphids, budworm/bollworm complex, corn borers, fall armyworm, and loopers.

                                    Total Scoutings = 19-25

Recommendations are timely, workable and tailored to your individual operation.

Additional Recommended Optional Services:

Plant Nutrient Assessment – Nutrient levels are tracked according or adequate to critical levels.  Tissue samples are pulled during good growing conditions and targeted at 2 weeks before bloom, early bloom, mid-late bloom and 2 weeks post bloom.

Defoliation – Schedule pre-conditioning and final defoliation applications.  Determine materials, rates and timing for appropriate harvest schedule.  Recommendations are based on boll opening, crop maturity, weather conditions, variety and material activity. 

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