Soybean In-Season Monitoring Program

IMPACT Agronomics’ full season soybean monitoring program is offered as a combination of two components.

EARLY SEASON (Emergence to V5 – 3-5 Scoutings)

Scout for weeds and insects shortly after emergence.  Weeds will drive the frequency and timing of scoutings.  Insects will be monitored as weed scouting is conducted.  Insects will be of special concern with soybeans following soybeans.  

  • Scout soybeans in the first trifoliate for stand count, diseases, insects, and first flush of weeds.
  • Scout weeds 7 to 10 days after treatment.
  • Scout as necessary after #2 scouting if no treatment applied.
  • Scout weeds for follow up control as needed.

MID SEASON TO LATE SEASON (V5 to R7 – 8-12 Scoutings)

We will scout once weekly for insects and diseases beginning two weeks pre-bloom continuing through R7 maturity.  Certain insect problems may require that the scouting schedule be tightened to monitor the situation more effectively.  We primarily use a beat sheet or RBC (rigid beat sheet) for scouting insects in soybeans. Written field reports and recommendations will be presented following each scouting. 

  • Check for disease expression while scouting insects
  • Maintain up to date crop status, which includes growth stage, yield potential, field environment, and crop health.
  • Provide preventative fungicide spray plan with recommendations as desired by grower.

Additional Recommended Optional Services:

Plant Nutrient Assessment – Nutrient levels are tracked according or adequate to critical levels.  Tissue samples are pulled during good growing conditions and targeted at 2 weeks before bloom, early bloom, mid-late bloom and 2 weeks post bloom.

Maturity Monitoring and Harvest Aid Recommendation – Upon early maturity (R8), we will monitor the crop for maturity development and make recommendations for desiccation at the most effective time for aiding harvest and avoiding yield loss.  Groups III, and IV are the most responsive to this program.        

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